Our goal is to make the highest quality mead, cider, and beer that we can. We will always and forever only use real ingredients, no flavorings, no concentrates, no extracts.

Our lineup is ever changing as nature does not always allow the availability of the fruits and spices we want, but here are a few of our favorites.


Our meads are made 100% raw honey. We owe it to the bees, thank them.

— Moscow Miel —

6% ABV
Our take on the Moscow Mule cocktail. Michigan wildflower honey(miel) with fresh ginger and fresh limes

— French Oak Wildflower —

6% ABV
A true mead, 100% Michigan wildflower honey aged on French Oak

— Raspberry Melomel —

6% ABV
A mead with fruit (melomel), in this case, fresh raspberries and star-thistle honey

— Hungry Girl —

6% ABV
Wildflower with Fresh Strawberries and Vietnamese White Pepper (watch out for her)


All of our ciders start with 100% Michigan fresh pressed apples that change as the season progresses and never have refined sugars added to sweeten, only raw honey, or nothing at all.

— Traditional Dry —

6.5% ABV
Our take on a traditional American cider. Fermented until completely dry and then carbonated. What cider once was

— Semi-Sweet —

6% ABV
Our house cider sweetened with just a bit of Star-Thistle Honey from Petoskey, MI

— Pineapple —

6% ABV
Fresh Pineapple from the Philippines and Star Thistle Honey

— Ethiopian Limu Coffee Cider —

6% ABV
Another seasonal cider made with a prized Ethiopian coffee roasted at Chazzano Coffee in Ferndale, MI


We make beer. We make small batch beer. 2 barrels at a time to be exact. That means we get to make a lot of different beers that are always changing, here are just a few of our beers that are always rotating.

— Trasher —

4.5% ABV
The Non-Lager Lager

— Crackhead Jimmy —

6% ABV
Belgian Amber

— El Heffe —

5.5% ABV
Rye Hefeweizen with Long Pepper and Orange